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DaleBradford (0) Escorts - Click to book
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Saturday, April 29th 2017 View Blog
Some Quiet Time Had A Good Booking Today
I have not made a diary entry for a while because I haven’t been doing much. I have mainly been at home watching films and games. I have not been to the gym I have just been doing things at home. I’m not feeling up to the gym at the moment but I will get back in to it again soon. I have had a few in calls but nothing major until today. Today was the best booking I have had since my last entry. I have been talking to a guy from Blackpool for a while who wanted to come and see me. We talked for a while and arranged to meet today he was coming by train. He let me know this morning that he was setting off on the train so I met him at lunchtime at the train station. We went straight to the pub for a drink and we had some dinner. Then we took the bus up to my house and we stayed for 2 hours. I provided him with a good service plan then we went for a walk around town and had some more food. Then I walked him back to the train station. I stayed at home for the rest of the day watching films and other stuff I have had a good day.
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Wednesday, April 26th 2017 View Blog
Ode to time wasters
You spend hours, messaging me, about the things you want to do.

I get so horny, thinking I want, to really really meet you.

The things you say, gets me so hard, and im sure that now you will book me.

After all your saying, such positive things, about sex and all things kinky.

You say that you want, to be my bitch, to be locked in chast-i-ty.

But at the end of he night, you put up a fight. That you don't want to digitally book me.

Then you say, though you want to pay, that the booking won't be on this site.

You have wasted my time, now I angrily rhyme, fuck off you wee shit!
Good night!

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Saturday, April 22nd 2017 View Blog
2017 has been a really busy year so far and with everything going on that I listed in my previous post, I’ve neglected my fitness.

Yesterday was a lovely day and I thought to myself how it would be nice to go out on a run and burn some rubber on the tarmac roads. Hold that thought I said to myself. I knew that having only ran 20 miles so far this year that the experience of running 4 miles in one go would not be pleasant. It was fortunate for me that I was too busy to exercise yesterday and it allowed me the opportunity to reminisce how it used to be and pretend that today would be no different to the past 30 years.

So there comes the day, today being that day when you have to face reality and get on with some things. The reality was that my waist seemed a little bigger today than what it did two weeks ago. With another film shoot on Monday requiring me to bare all, I’ve perhaps left it a bit too late. I started off at an ok pace but my hips felt so tight. It eases off but it isn’t a great start. 6:40 min miling soon becomes 7:10 and I drop off to around 8 min/mile by the time I finish. I don’t think that I’ve ever been so unfit and I remember running faster as an 11 year old.

Fear not as it’s not the end of the world. Whilst it has been a long time since I’ve been this slow, I do have the knowledge and confidence to get back to a reasonable level of fitness. I do wonder how much of a difference it will have now that my hormone levels are in the same range as a female. Time will tell!
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Sunday, April 9th 2017 View Blog
Looking for a room now!
Hello to everybody.
I was arrived to london a few month ago and now i need to change my place.

I just need to move to central london and im looking for a rent room in for a long time. I dont know where i can write for get one... If you have any room for me... LET ME KNOW! Thanks in advance!

Im a very polite guy, chatty and friendly boy


Hello to everybody.
I was arrived to london a few month ago and now i need to change my place.

I just need to move to central london and im looking for a rent room in for a long time. I dont know where i can write for get one... If you have any room for me... LET ME KNOW! Thanks in advance!

Im a very polite guy, chatty and friendly boy
Hollytvslut (0)
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Friday, October 28th 2016 View Blog
Toilet fun
Hi I'm a full TV with lots of naughty filthyiness. I'm looking for others for toilet fun u know what I mean, brown and yellow and anything else that goes with, love film work pics etc unsafe sex, nappys, used panties, public humiliation, outdoors.. Prefer married men or 18yo boys in girls clothes. I love sharing my pics filthier the better.. Nice smooth body's, unwashed cock, full bladders and bowls very welcome. i can accom as single, o don't use condoms so don't bring with u, do outdoors in woods especially daytime preferred, would come dressed don't mind being seen dressed as long as with someone. Would suit married guys unless the collage boys have got there sisters clothes ten more than welcome xx
TheGymRatxxx (0) Escorts - Click to book
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Tuesday, October 25th 2016 View Blog
Personal Training Blow Job
So once I got to his house, he answered with a grin, told me to strip at the front door down to my jock strap and football socks and to come in.

Mr A. Is in his 40s, lives with his partner who is away, was already in his short shorts, and set up in the back garden ready for his workout.
His main goal is to lose weight, so 30 minute HIIT workout, followed by sucking! A lot of sucking!

After his stretches he told me to sit on him, start grinding his cock through his shirts, average sized dick, throbbing against my ass. I pulled out his cock, his bellend red and cut, woth a little bit of pre cum all over the tip. I spat on it whilst rubbing the top, before taking it while to the back of my throat, taking his cock for a good 10 minutes choking on the dick hitting the back of my throat and spit all over my face!

He told me to turn around so my ass was in his face, so he good start to finger my ass hard, managing to get 4 fingers in- I wish he had just fisted me! I started to deep frost his cock as he pushed harder into my ass, up and down like a jack hammer, hit the back of my throat I had to come up for air, spit dropped from my mouth and his cock, wanking his dick for him to cum, my mouth over his swollen dick, I gripped hard as he started to twitch, lips tightly around his shaft as he emptied his balls all into my mouth. His dick stayed hard for a good few minutes so I felt the needed to seep throat his cock clean, my face now a mixture of spit and cum!

Next week he wants to stick it in my ass!
Skid1982 (0)
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Sunday, October 2nd 2016 View Blog
How does this work?
Well, I a new on this site and trying to figure out how it works! I was told that it was free to register - that's why I registered. Lets just say that they were not lying when they said it was free to register. That much is true! What they don't tell you is that to access your message - you have to pay a monthly fee. The more you pay - the more you get (or something like that). So, if you have seen my profile, like what you see and want to message me - I can't get to your messages just yet. I am no being rude by not replying - I just haven't paid for a monthly subscription to this site. You can always send me an email if I am allowed to post it on my blog...
lincoln knight2 (0) Escorts - Click to book
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Wednesday, July 13th 2016 View Blog
Well I am looking for ideas and suggestions for improvement in what I provide .No one is ever sure what others are looking for so here is the chance for you to give me your opinions on this. I enjoy doing videos and all that stuff and have a varied group of interest's which I would like to use in this. In the meantime there has been a few requests for just massage and a bit of relief to follow so if that's what you want call me or email. My experience email I s on the profile . Speak soon
kraker66 (0)
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Sunday, July 10th 2016 View Blog
Dealing with 2 sissies at once.
Shelly and Louise were due for a session of use and abuse. Now, being a solo dom and having two sissys to use and abuse was a bit of a problem.
I didn't want either one of them to think they were missing out on fun - after all Im an equal opportunity abuser! - so I decided to have Shelly get on her hands and knees on the bed and then Luise was told to drape herself over Shelly's back.
Seeing both of them dressed in sissy pink satin got my cock really hard and it was only a matter of minutes before I put my throbbing knob against Shelly hole and started to push into her. She gasped as each inch slid into her. Once fully inside I rested for moment and turned my attention to Louise.
I lifted her skirt to reveal her frilly pink knickers and had a good grope of her gorgeous bottom.
I slid her knickers down and gave her hole a good fingering which reminded my that Shelly was still impaled on my cock. So I started to fuck Shelly as I slide more fingers in Louise. It was absolute bliss .... It was only improved when I got the crop and and started caning Louise's bottom as I unmercifully fucked Shelly's hot hole. Both girls were screaming -one with pleasure - one with pain..... What a wonderful afternoon!
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Monday, June 6th 2016 View Blog
The Cost Of Being An Escort
I roll my eyes when I read tweets by other escorts which imply that they’ve got money problems, the same boys and girls who will tell you about their overnight a few days ago and the lavish gifts that they were presented with. Many escorts let the money slip through their fingers like sand and need the fix of their next appointment to pay the bills that matter, however you need to invest in your service to gain new clients and by that I mean invest in yourself, not the latest bag from Mulberry or Michael Kors.

There’s a popular misconception in escorting circles that we’re all child abuse victims from divorced parents, in and out of childrens homes with a history of shoplifting, drug abuse and alcohol dependency, yes some are, but I have rarely come across anyone who fits that bill. The good looking escorts with the near perfectly written, well polished websites, tend to be university educated, had a good upbringing and want to do this work voluntarily. I certainly do. I have never met anyone who has been forced into sex work or trafficked for that matter, although some people do argue that if a driver takes me to Scotland for an outcall he is technically trafficking me.

I also work as an accountant, so I am very good at bookkeeping and guys wonder at times why someone with a nice house, like I have, with professional qualifications, would want to sell their sexual services to other men. I fell into this completely by accident, I didn’t just wake up one day and think “Gee….I think I’ll shag blokes for a few quid”, I played with it for a few years and then cranked up the steam when I realised that I was sat on a lot of untapped opportunities and potential. I quickly found out that you need to invest in yourself. I do quite a number of overnight appointments, I travel to see guys throughout the UK and Europe and I need to look good and that “looking good lark” costs money.

I don’t think I look my age, some men probably don’t agree with me, but I don’t think I do. I have used day and night cream for over fifteen years, I use eye cream, I keep my hair nicely groomed, I have a back wax once a month and try and keep myself as youthful as possible. I don’t have any lines or wrinkles on my face, I have a little bit of a belly which I have had my entire life, I don’t have a washboard stomach or live religiously in the gym. I watch my weight every day and appeal to guys as the guy next door or the normal bloke that they know at work.

Clients want the best price possible. I am always reading on client forums about what they consider to be a reasonable price to pay and generally speaking most men outside of London seem to expect to pay around £100 an hour for a gay male, transexual or female escort. There are male escorts for women around and their prices tend to be considerably lower and it’s a very specialised niche market too, I certainly don’t know of many who can make a success of it but obviously some do. I charge £90 for the first hour to visit me and £100 for an hour to visit a guy locally. I charge £500 for overnight, incall or outcall and £800 if I have to travel out of the UK. I think I have my pricing about right.

Not every working girl and boy has an incall premises and incalls are the most popular form of escort work. Most men want to visit you and if you can’t work from home then you may consider renting a flat, or hiring a serviced apartment or hotel for a few days. What the guys don’t realise is that in order to offer them an incall you have overheads, they forget about that. If you are using a hotel then you have the hotel, your food and refreshments to pay for. If you are touring from city to city you also have transport costs and you still have to pay the bills at home. This is why I never tour. Why should I go to Manchester to see six guys in one day, have three cancel on me and lose two appointments back in Newcastle. It would have cost me money to see those two or three remaining clients because their fee may just about have broken me even for the day and I could have just stayed at home, seen two guys and been better off.

Clients will say from time to time “Well it can’t cost you much more money to offer incalls from home” and this is where they are very wrong. Should I not be entertaining then there will be one shower run the entire day but if I am entertaining and it’s a busy day, three clients can generate ten showers, from their use, my use and sometimes our joint use of the facilities. That’s an increase of 1000% resulting in more water being used, more electricity and gas being used for heating the water and house, more toiletries being used, more towels being used and the washing machine and tumble dryer being used afterwards. My washing machine and tumble dryer is on every day but if I didn’t do sex work, my washing machine would be on a maximum of twice a week and the tumble dryer on once a fortnight for towels, however as I am washing top sheets, bedding and towels every day (the bedding not so much, no one ever gets under the top sheet) the laundry is never ending. Sex workers and laundry go hand in hand.

Every month I scour sites online, I buy new jockstraps and thongs, sexy new shorts and tee shirts for daytime appointments, I go into town and get new shirts for more formal evening appointments at hotels. I have over 300 formal and casual shirts in seven wardrobes. I have over ten formal and tweed jackets and I even have a tuxedo. I have hand made shoes, casual shoes and canvas shoes. I have over ten pairs of swimming shorts for hotels. I have four dressing gowns for overnight clients. I have drawers and drawers of underwear. I have an armoire wardrobe in the client room that’s full of sex toys, paddles, handcuffs, whips and a box of womens underwear in there for men who like to dress up. I buy stockings and tights for clients to wear (I don’t cross dress) and this all has to be bought in and ready for any eventuality. I have actually lost a one hour appointment because I didn’t have any American tan tights in the house for a guy to wear during an appointment. I have never been caught short since. Last week I had a client ask if I had a very thin thong that I could wear. I asked him what colour he would like. He asked what colours I had. I had to text him back with a list of what he could have. He text back “Blimey Steve, I will choose the black please”. I had three different black thongs so had to make a corporate decision myself on which one to choose rather than confuse him even more.

Most clients will use one or two condoms in an appointment, some don’t use any if it’s just oral sex but some clients will use six or seven. I get most of mine for free but I do have to buy them too, my bottles of lube cost £10 for three 250ml bottles. I can go through half a bottle in one appointment, some guys seem to slap on as much as they possibly can in very generous quantities. The client en-suite bathroom has a selection of shower gels, two different hand washes, alcohol hand cleanser, mouth wash, two types of deodorant, hair gel and even a cologne for them to use. I have a jug of infused lemon water on the side of the dressing area with two glasses, always filled to the brim with ice cubes so it’s chilled to perfection.

If I offer an incall overnight, I charge the same as I do for an outcall overnight. I only offer incall overnights to men I have seen before and I ask for 24 hours notice. On an incall overnight I am very much in charge and I cook a meal, I supply wine, prosecco and spirits and if it’s a fine night I offer drinks on the patio outside. I can easily spend £50 to £60 preparing for an incall overnight and so they cost me more than turning up to your hotel for an outcall overnight where I have a taxi or parking cost and where you treat me to dinner. I put freshly laundered, expensive, crisp bedding on, make sure the house is at a perfect temperature and buy scented candles and fragrance sticks. I make it a perfect experience but as you can see, that costs money too.

I won’t beat about the bush, if you are good looking, well groomed, highly sexually active, people friendly and have a good personality then you can make a lot of money being an escort but if you don’t invest in yourself you won’t get the clients to come back. You need them to come back because after a year of doing sex work about 75% of your clients should be returning customers and you need to let them see that you are investing in yourself and putting the effort in to make their time enjoyable. Yes they come for the sex but they don’t want to see messy rooms with clothes on the radiator or a bathroom with underwear lying all over the place. Some guys aren’t fussy but many are and they do take notice.

I invest in myself and I have found that I have reaped dividends and rewards for doing so. I love it when a client compliments my home and feels safe being here, I love it when they compliment me personally and say it’s been a pleasure to visit. Investment is always the way forward in any line of business, especially sex work.

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