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DaleBradford (0) Escorts - Click to book
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Thursday, August 17th 2017 View Blog
I Went To Blackpool With My Special Friend
I have just got home from Blackpool today after having 4 really good days with a very special friend. We met at the train station on Monday morning as arranged and we arrived at lunch time in Blackpool. We enjoyed walking along the seafront until we could get checked in to the hotel. We had several meals throughout the holiday and on the second day we went to the pleasure beach. There is a special offer today for 2 days so we got a 2 day pass and I had a very special birthday meal. On the third day we went to the pleasure beach again and walked around the piers and along the beach. I am going to write up the full story over the next few days so I can add another blog to my list of holiday stories. I’m hoping to be able to write at least 2000 words once I get started on it. Unfortunately we didn’t take any photographs because my special friend doesn’t like taking the photographs. It spoils the mood for us so I didn’t put any pressure on him to do it. Not all people like taking photographs so I will just write up the story and maybe download a few photographs from the internet to add in to it to help you visualize the events.
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Monday, June 5th 2017 View Blog

It’s done and dusted and there’s no more bank holidays for almost three months.

Over the past month I have been preparing my living room to film in. From connecting radiators to plastering, painting and fitting skirting boards and all before I could have the carpets laid just a few days before we filmed our latest three shoots.

The school of cock was the first shoot to take place. That was filmed with what most would probably call amateur models. I had met two of the people in the film through being customers of mine. One played a smaller role than he was supposed to, as the cameras and extra viewers proved too much for him to perform.

Lucie and Jane also starred in the shoot alongside me which saw Lucie drip cum from her ass as well as having it sprayed all over her face.
I’d like to say at this point that just because you may see us do bareback in films with certain people, it doesn’t mean that we will ever do it with a client, and it doesn’t matter how much you pay or how important you think you may be.

The other two shoots were just myself and my girlfriend Lucie, and they were by far my favourite.

One shoot was filmed directly after the group shoot and saw me frustrated and annoyed before telling her off for wearing my giraffe dressing gown. Totally unplanned with Lucie holding the camera but very well made with lots of great shots.

The 2nd shoot was what Lucie had been planning for a while. She wanted to portray this young girl who was lazy and hadn’t done her chores for the day. In I come and get annoyed for her bone idleness and I decide to bend her over my knee and deliver her a tanned ass before filling her up with my seed. Once again we managed to get some very hardcore shots along with the pretty girl footage.

Well worth viewing!
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Monday, May 29th 2017 View Blog
Musings on sexuality
(Some of the dates maybe wrong, just going on how i remember it)

Last night I had a male client. He was bi, but in a monogomous hetro marriage. He was incredibly (can't stress that enough) handsome. Sweet and quite charming.

He has these needs, like all of us do, but is unable to express them because of social norms. Then it got me thinking.

I am pansexual, gender fluid, polyamourus, a swinger and a switch. To that you can say "no Dan, your just a greedy ho". And to that I would reply "no.... and yes!"

I have been lucky enough to be able to experiment, find out who and what I am. I know a few ppl who don't believe on labels, but to me they help make sense of stuff. Here is what they mean.

Pansexual means I find the person attractive, not their gender. I have had awesome sex with lots of women, lots of men and 1 trans lady.

Gender fluid means my mind at any given moment is anywhere between 10%-90% female. I am queer if you will.

Polyamourus means I believe you can have more than 1 loving relationship at the same time, love is an infinite resource and it feels natural to me to do this. I have had 2 full poly relationships and they are hard work, but very worth it. I accept that this isn't true for everyone.

Swinger, I enjoy casual fun humping with as many ppl as possible (at the same time is a bonus)

Switch, depending on the dynamic, I can be a sadistic Dom, or a cock Hungry masochistic slut.

Last century if you weren't straight, you were an AIDS infected abomination. Then in the 90s, the terms gay and lesbian were a but more accepted. I grew up with a few. In the late 90s bi was in there and almost fashionable, but some hard core homosexuals had a problem with them. I stress the word some.

Now, we have LGBT rights. Open pride parties that straight people love. And though I can't come out to my parents, all my friends know and accept me.

To who ever you are reading this. You could be straight, bi, gay, lesbian, pansexual,polysexual,queen, sis or what ever. YOU ARE AWESOME. What you are doesn't determine who you are. Accept and be true to yourself and you will find peace and happinessin that. I say that with all the love I have.
You are awesome.
Tantricboi (0)
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Thursday, May 4th 2017 View Blog
I had the most wonderful experience the other day which is why I joined here. I was waiting at a bar in South Kensington for a friend who stood me up. I got chatting with a rather kindly elder gentleman. After establishing I had trained as a massage therapist he offered to take me to dinner and then pay for an hour of decadence. This was a lovely surprise as I do appreciate maturity.

We had a lovely dinner and returned to his home. He lit some candles in his bedroom and lay naked on his front. I began to massage him deeply easing his stress and woes away. Then I began to lightly feather my fingers over his back whispering gentle words into his ears and nibbling his lobes neck and back. When he turned over I continued working my way down his body and gently gripping his manhood in my hands keeping him on the edge until he climaxed.

We lay together and cuddled before I left him in his afterglow of blissful satisfaction
sergispain (0)
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Sunday, April 9th 2017 View Blog
Looking for a room now!
Hello to everybody.
I was arrived to london a few month ago and now i need to change my place.

I just need to move to central london and im looking for a rent room in for a long time. I dont know where i can write for get one... If you have any room for me... LET ME KNOW! Thanks in advance!

Im a very polite guy, chatty and friendly boy


Hello to everybody.
I was arrived to london a few month ago and now i need to change my place.

I just need to move to central london and im looking for a rent room in for a long time. I dont know where i can write for get one... If you have any room for me... LET ME KNOW! Thanks in advance!

Im a very polite guy, chatty and friendly boy
Hollytvslut (0)
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Friday, October 28th 2016 View Blog
Toilet fun
Hi I'm a full TV with lots of naughty filthyiness. I'm looking for others for toilet fun u know what I mean, brown and yellow and anything else that goes with, love film work pics etc unsafe sex, nappys, used panties, public humiliation, outdoors.. Prefer married men or 18yo boys in girls clothes. I love sharing my pics filthier the better.. Nice smooth body's, unwashed cock, full bladders and bowls very welcome. i can accom as single, o don't use condoms so don't bring with u, do outdoors in woods especially daytime preferred, would come dressed don't mind being seen dressed as long as with someone. Would suit married guys unless the collage boys have got there sisters clothes ten more than welcome xx
TheGymRatxxx (0)
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Tuesday, October 25th 2016 View Blog
Personal Training Blow Job
So once I got to his house, he answered with a grin, told me to strip at the front door down to my jock strap and football socks and to come in.

Mr A. Is in his 40s, lives with his partner who is away, was already in his short shorts, and set up in the back garden ready for his workout.
His main goal is to lose weight, so 30 minute HIIT workout, followed by sucking! A lot of sucking!

After his stretches he told me to sit on him, start grinding his cock through his shirts, average sized dick, throbbing against my ass. I pulled out his cock, his bellend red and cut, woth a little bit of pre cum all over the tip. I spat on it whilst rubbing the top, before taking it while to the back of my throat, taking his cock for a good 10 minutes choking on the dick hitting the back of my throat and spit all over my face!

He told me to turn around so my ass was in his face, so he good start to finger my ass hard, managing to get 4 fingers in- I wish he had just fisted me! I started to deep frost his cock as he pushed harder into my ass, up and down like a jack hammer, hit the back of my throat I had to come up for air, spit dropped from my mouth and his cock, wanking his dick for him to cum, my mouth over his swollen dick, I gripped hard as he started to twitch, lips tightly around his shaft as he emptied his balls all into my mouth. His dick stayed hard for a good few minutes so I felt the needed to seep throat his cock clean, my face now a mixture of spit and cum!

Next week he wants to stick it in my ass!
Skid1982 (0)
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Sunday, October 2nd 2016 View Blog
How does this work?
Well, I a new on this site and trying to figure out how it works! I was told that it was free to register - that's why I registered. Lets just say that they were not lying when they said it was free to register. That much is true! What they don't tell you is that to access your message - you have to pay a monthly fee. The more you pay - the more you get (or something like that). So, if you have seen my profile, like what you see and want to message me - I can't get to your messages just yet. I am no being rude by not replying - I just haven't paid for a monthly subscription to this site. You can always send me an email if I am allowed to post it on my blog...
lincoln knight2 (0) Escorts - Click to book
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Wednesday, July 13th 2016 View Blog
Well I am looking for ideas and suggestions for improvement in what I provide .No one is ever sure what others are looking for so here is the chance for you to give me your opinions on this. I enjoy doing videos and all that stuff and have a varied group of interest's which I would like to use in this. In the meantime there has been a few requests for just massage and a bit of relief to follow so if that's what you want call me or email. My experience email I s on the profile . Speak soon
kraker66 (0)
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Sunday, July 10th 2016 View Blog
Dealing with 2 sissies at once.
Shelly and Louise were due for a session of use and abuse. Now, being a solo dom and having two sissys to use and abuse was a bit of a problem.
I didn't want either one of them to think they were missing out on fun - after all Im an equal opportunity abuser! - so I decided to have Shelly get on her hands and knees on the bed and then Luise was told to drape herself over Shelly's back.
Seeing both of them dressed in sissy pink satin got my cock really hard and it was only a matter of minutes before I put my throbbing knob against Shelly hole and started to push into her. She gasped as each inch slid into her. Once fully inside I rested for moment and turned my attention to Louise.
I lifted her skirt to reveal her frilly pink knickers and had a good grope of her gorgeous bottom.
I slid her knickers down and gave her hole a good fingering which reminded my that Shelly was still impaled on my cock. So I started to fuck Shelly as I slide more fingers in Louise. It was absolute bliss .... It was only improved when I got the crop and and started caning Louise's bottom as I unmercifully fucked Shelly's hot hole. Both girls were screaming -one with pleasure - one with pain..... What a wonderful afternoon!

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