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Saturday, July 21st 2018 View Blog
New Erotic Blog About Sex In The Swimming Pool
Today I woke up and decided to write an erotic blog about the sexual experience that I had in the hotel swimming pool in Leeds. I wrote the diary entry 20th July 2018 then I decided to expand it out in full detail. I wanted to write it as a separate story to add to my blog collection. I used the diary entry then I expanded it to around 800 words. Then when I got that far I had a rest. I came back to it and spent another further 2 hours expanding it to over 1000 words. I added as much detail as possible of the whole day in Leeds. Then when I proof read the story I chose a picture of me in that same Jacuzzi to add to the story. I posted it to my blog page and on to my gay swap profile. My new erotic story is now there for you to read. When I had posted it I had some breakfast then I stayed in for a while. I was still tired from yesterday because I worked really hard. Then later on in the afternoon I went out for a walk for an hour. Then I came home and trained with the live web cams and some computer games. I stayed at home all day then I went to bed when I was tired.
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Friday, April 27th 2018 View Blog
Hello ~ SPRING 2018
I haven’t posted a bog on here before, so Hi guys! OK, so I don’t have any feedback and this site doesn’t seem to attract anywhere near the kinda traffic Adult Work does, however, I’ve met a few guys recently who aren’t Gayswap members but who had found me via this profile. I write a National Sexblog about my life with fun50minx as an escort couple (aka fun50couple); it’s more like a monthly online magazine and covers, news, views, and fly on the wall accounts (anon) of some of our meets.
The news and views section frequently take us into the world of current affairs, especially those concerning sexuality. I even attended a conference recently specifically for erotic writers, called Eroticon, held in Camden. After a decade or so of solid progress towards more liberal values, including acceptance of same sex marriage and more people embracing ‘sex positivity’, we’re now sadly falling back again, fighting pressures from left and right hell bent on trying to roll back some of these freedoms. The last month in particular has seen draconian laws passed (FOSTA/SESTA) in the States which go far beyond controlling sexwork, and strike at the very heart of freedom of speech on the internet. And this is before we’ve even begun to see the effects of our own Digital Economy Act (delayed until early next year) which threatens access to adult content with age verification, policed by the BBFC, God help us. What secretly bisexual or bicurious man is going to go through an age verification process involving credit cards and/or passports so he can view bi or gay porn? Or ANY PORN? You see, as a bisexual escort and a writer, these things matter greatly. I follow LBGT affairs and matters regarding sexuality very closely. Being involved in sextoy retail is another factor. Our clients as an escort couple are almost universally married men struggling with sexuality issues, many of them living a lie, and secretly bi or dare I say gay. (Or they would have been gay had they not chosen the ‘safer’ route and ‘done what was expected’ of them and marry into a straight relationship’. Some of you will be saying they had a choice. Most of our clients are Baby Boomers, GenXers and even Silent Generation, and back in the days when these men were in their 20’s, the world was a VERY DIFFERENT place. Of course there’s a lot of politics (sadly) about the whole bi thing, no need to go into that here, suffice to say it’s VERY REAL. So real in fact that Pride’s financial backers took the activists to task last year about bi-erasure following 2017 Pride events; there’s since been discussions and undertakings to make the ‘B’ in LBGT as well represented as the L, the G and the T. We shall see. Many folk see the LBGT movement as a force run by gay men for gay men with scant recognition of the other components. It’s been heartening to see surveys showing increasing numbers of younger folk 17-25’s expressing neutral opinions about bisexuality instead of negative ones, along with increasing percentages not identifying as 100% straight or 100% gay. Most of us know there’s no such thing anyway...just search for the Klein Scale and work out where YOU might be, not forgetting that most people find themselves at different places on it at different times in their lives. Life is a journey. Sexuality for most, is a journey. A good many of our clients have had a fleeting same sex experience DECADES ago, and the thought lingers, and won’t go away; sadly these men leave it so long before plucking up courage to re-visit it; Most, I can tell you, once they’ve taken the plunge, embrace it with some clients coming back time and time again for more...they’ve found peace to a degree; the luckiest ones are the guys (like me) who can be 100% authentic with their female partners and be open about their thoughts and sexuality and live a bisexual life. As a deep thinker and a perfectionist who likes to DELIVER, these thoughts about clients and sexuality are always at the forefront of my mind. This site is called GAYSWAP and I am a BISEXUAL escort. Think about that. Most men looking for a meeting on here I would hazard a bet are NOT LOOKING for an emotional relationship, they are looking for SEX. Just like any other person seeking the services of an escort. So there is NO REASON the male on male sex from a BISEXUAL ESCORT is any different or in any way inferior to male on male sex from a GAY ESCORT. In fact some would argue that given many of the potential clients are in fact Married Men, they’d actually be better off seeing a Bi Male Escort who’s in a LTR himself, and less likely to indulge in risky behaviours often associated with the gay ‘scene’. Food for thought? Nuff said!
Until next time, Stay safe, Luv fun50geeze
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Wednesday, December 6th 2017 View Blog
Young, fun and an all round 10 haha, send me a text message or give me a call! hit me up would be fun, new to this so want a nice dom to help me out ;) i like talking but not typing hahah :( i really enjoying stripping down to my thongs make me fuck myself or make me make you hahah tbh I'm really just talking rubbish now i just wanted to show my photo but i needed an 100 count... i enjoy an a lot of things and am pretty active and really adventurous in and outta the bedroom hahah ;*
Passionfruit121 (0)
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Wednesday, October 11th 2017 View Blog
Dominated by ladyboy unexpected!
My aim whilst in Thailand was to try a d**g that translates to crazy medicine. A small smoke able red pill.

Due to my inebriation I pulled up next to a ladyboy. Her lips so appealing, she was short but thick set in a power type way. Her thighs were thick and her boobs busty. I found her sexy as she was majorly feminine in all featured.

She offered me sex for 500 baht and I struck a deal with her to share her crazy medicine at hers now and I will give 500, no sex involved.

She seemed to like this idea a lot and said ok but she also said I will definitely fuck her.

We arrived at her place and she arranged for me to try the pill, as I inhaled she urged me on in a slightly demonic voice "good yes that's it more"

She smirked as she burn the pill more n more for me.

When suddenly tingles were running down my spine, I felt so wonderful. Her thighs and arse were so perfectly rounded. Her hair so sleek and she smelt so good.

Before I knew it I had locked my lips onto hers and we were kissing deeply with so much passion. Her demeanour so sexual as she stroked my tongue perfectly with hers, time and time again. I could only imagine this on his dick

I touched her all over her gorgeous thighs and bum but before I knew it we were both completely naked after undressing each other rampantly.

I looked down for the first time at her cock. It was thicker then anything I had ever seen in real life, I was longer sure but she was three times as thick. I was amazed and as I held it, it reminded me of an older c***dhood friend who used to get me to masterbate him or manipulate me in other sexual ways cus I was to young to understand exactly what I was doing or the consequence.

God it felt so good all the wrong things I did with that older friend. The same as holding this similarly thick cock now. Both dwarfed my tiny bell end dick. And that's why I made sure to submissi to both of these great thick cocks.

I went berserk on this ladyboys dick, I teased, played and sucked every inch of her. I did it in a real slutty manner, instinctually. I deep throated this cock a little as I worked the ladyboy closer. But clearly not enough for her.

As her panting got heavier she grabbed the back of my hair hard and threw me up and down on her thick precum dripping dick. She tasted salty as fuck and it made my face curl up in response.

Especially cus her strong powerful arms would f***e my nose all the way to her pubic hairs with each thrust. But she didn't hold me there.. Just yanked me up and down quickly in one motion back and forth like I was a rag doll

I had no choice. it felt like my throat was clamping around the thickest part of her dick for a second every time her cock was fully rammed down my throat.
each time she painfully yanked me up for air by my hair f***efully, my throat would be so tight there would be a popping sound as my throat was pulled off her fat wet cock.

She bobbed me up and down harder and harder faster and faster for maybe 30 seconds. I was shocked and had no choice but was in awe. Her big veiny cock pulsed in my throat and mouth. Her breathing sounded like she was gonna blow any minute, so when she dragged me up for air I tried to use r the momentum to get my mouth off his burning red hot pulsing dick.

But there was no hope I had been under the ladyboys domination for ages. She just pulled my hair even tighter so I squaled and slammed me down hard and held my nose into her abdomen.

I relaxed with her so deep in my throat and waited for my medicine as she pulsed her first release down my throat. Then suddenly 8 rhythmic huge pulses that made me gag with each one delivered her goods straight into my tummy.

She held me there for at least a minute and I fucking loved it. I asked if we could carry on so I could cum, she laughed and looked at my inferior penis...

"No. Plus u said no sex"

I left her place not long afterwards feeling used but so so in love
bstokeboy (0)
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Sunday, September 10th 2017 View Blog
Young escort
New to this website always up for some fun I laugh and a chat had experience escorting in the past dining shopping sexual cleaning and other bits/requests always happy to try new things and pretty much a happy person i'm based in Basingstoke in Hampshire but can travel as I drive within acceptable distance if you're not sure drop me a message and will let you know as soon as possible
I'm only available for callouts and happy with all accommodation waiting any requests for toys or other items let me know I'm also very discreet

Straight acting 22-year-old with a very special package waiting to be opened by you
katiefox (20) Escorts - Click to book Does SMS Chat - Click to text
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Monday, June 5th 2017 View Blog

It’s done and dusted and there’s no more bank holidays for almost three months.

Over the past month I have been preparing my living room to film in. From connecting radiators to plastering, painting and fitting skirting boards and all before I could have the carpets laid just a few days before we filmed our latest three shoots.

The school of cock was the first shoot to take place. That was filmed with what most would probably call amateur models. I had met two of the people in the film through being customers of mine. One played a smaller role than he was supposed to, as the cameras and extra viewers proved too much for him to perform.

Lucie and Jane also starred in the shoot alongside me which saw Lucie drip cum from her ass as well as having it sprayed all over her face.
I’d like to say at this point that just because you may see us do bareback in films with certain people, it doesn’t mean that we will ever do it with a client, and it doesn’t matter how much you pay or how important you think you may be.

The other two shoots were just myself and my girlfriend Lucie, and they were by far my favourite.

One shoot was filmed directly after the group shoot and saw me frustrated and annoyed before telling her off for wearing my giraffe dressing gown. Totally unplanned with Lucie holding the camera but very well made with lots of great shots.

The 2nd shoot was what Lucie had been planning for a while. She wanted to portray this young girl who was lazy and hadn’t done her chores for the day. In I come and get annoyed for her bone idleness and I decide to bend her over my knee and deliver her a tanned ass before filling her up with my seed. Once again we managed to get some very hardcore shots along with the pretty girl footage.

Well worth viewing!
Dan McEwan (1)
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Monday, May 29th 2017 View Blog
Musings on sexuality
(Some of the dates maybe wrong, just going on how i remember it)

Last night I had a male client. He was bi, but in a monogomous hetro marriage. He was incredibly (can't stress that enough) handsome. Sweet and quite charming.

He has these needs, like all of us do, but is unable to express them because of social norms. Then it got me thinking.

I am pansexual, gender fluid, polyamourus, a swinger and a switch. To that you can say "no Dan, your just a greedy ho". And to that I would reply "no.... and yes!"

I have been lucky enough to be able to experiment, find out who and what I am. I know a few ppl who don't believe on labels, but to me they help make sense of stuff. Here is what they mean.

Pansexual means I find the person attractive, not their gender. I have had awesome sex with lots of women, lots of men and 1 trans lady.

Gender fluid means my mind at any given moment is anywhere between 10%-90% female. I am queer if you will.

Polyamourus means I believe you can have more than 1 loving relationship at the same time, love is an infinite resource and it feels natural to me to do this. I have had 2 full poly relationships and they are hard work, but very worth it. I accept that this isn't true for everyone.

Swinger, I enjoy casual fun humping with as many ppl as possible (at the same time is a bonus)

Switch, depending on the dynamic, I can be a sadistic Dom, or a cock Hungry masochistic slut.

Last century if you weren't straight, you were an AIDS infected abomination. Then in the 90s, the terms gay and lesbian were a but more accepted. I grew up with a few. In the late 90s bi was in there and almost fashionable, but some hard core homosexuals had a problem with them. I stress the word some.

Now, we have LGBT rights. Open pride parties that straight people love. And though I can't come out to my parents, all my friends know and accept me.

To who ever you are reading this. You could be straight, bi, gay, lesbian, pansexual,polysexual,queen, sis or what ever. YOU ARE AWESOME. What you are doesn't determine who you are. Accept and be true to yourself and you will find peace and happinessin that. I say that with all the love I have.
You are awesome.
Tantricboi (0)
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Thursday, May 4th 2017 View Blog
I had the most wonderful experience the other day which is why I joined here. I was waiting at a bar in South Kensington for a friend who stood me up. I got chatting with a rather kindly elder gentleman. After establishing I had trained as a massage therapist he offered to take me to dinner and then pay for an hour of decadence. This was a lovely surprise as I do appreciate maturity.

We had a lovely dinner and returned to his home. He lit some candles in his bedroom and lay naked on his front. I began to massage him deeply easing his stress and woes away. Then I began to lightly feather my fingers over his back whispering gentle words into his ears and nibbling his lobes neck and back. When he turned over I continued working my way down his body and gently gripping his manhood in my hands keeping him on the edge until he climaxed.

We lay together and cuddled before I left him in his afterglow of blissful satisfaction
Hollytvslut (0)
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Friday, October 28th 2016 View Blog
Toilet fun
Hi I'm a full TV with lots of naughty filthyiness. I'm looking for others for toilet fun u know what I mean, brown and yellow and anything else that goes with, love film work pics etc unsafe sex, nappys, used panties, public humiliation, outdoors.. Prefer married men or 18yo boys in girls clothes. I love sharing my pics filthier the better.. Nice smooth body's, unwashed cock, full bladders and bowls very welcome. i can accom as single, o don't use condoms so don't bring with u, do outdoors in woods especially daytime preferred, would come dressed don't mind being seen dressed as long as with someone. Would suit married guys unless the collage boys have got there sisters clothes ten more than welcome xx
TheGymRatxxx (0) Escorts - Click to book
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Tuesday, October 25th 2016 View Blog
Personal Training Blow Job
So once I got to his house, he answered with a grin, told me to strip at the front door down to my jock strap and football socks and to come in.

Mr A. Is in his 40s, lives with his partner who is away, was already in his short shorts, and set up in the back garden ready for his workout.
His main goal is to lose weight, so 30 minute HIIT workout, followed by sucking! A lot of sucking!

After his stretches he told me to sit on him, start grinding his cock through his shirts, average sized dick, throbbing against my ass. I pulled out his cock, his bellend red and cut, woth a little bit of pre cum all over the tip. I spat on it whilst rubbing the top, before taking it while to the back of my throat, taking his cock for a good 10 minutes choking on the dick hitting the back of my throat and spit all over my face!

He told me to turn around so my ass was in his face, so he good start to finger my ass hard, managing to get 4 fingers in- I wish he had just fisted me! I started to deep frost his cock as he pushed harder into my ass, up and down like a jack hammer, hit the back of my throat I had to come up for air, spit dropped from my mouth and his cock, wanking his dick for him to cum, my mouth over his swollen dick, I gripped hard as he started to twitch, lips tightly around his shaft as he emptied his balls all into my mouth. His dick stayed hard for a good few minutes so I felt the needed to seep throat his cock clean, my face now a mixture of spit and cum!

Next week he wants to stick it in my ass!

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