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Browse the categories below and review the adult humour submissions that have been supplied by other visitors to this site. If you have any fun articles such as pictures, movies or links to funny websites then submit them here and share them with the Community.
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All Tatto
Photos Score: 0 View
Airplane Passengers
Jokes Score: 7 View
"Wife wanted"
Jokes Score: 0 View
The Affairs 1-6
Jokes Score: 0 View
Something different
Jokes Score: 0 View
Your all mine
Photos Score: 10 View
Inside job
Photos Score: 0 View
u want too see these in real..???
Photos Score: 28 View
Which is mine
Photos Score: 35 View
First Time
Jokes Score: 8 View
skull face
Photos Score: 26 View
Hog-tied me a tiny dick sissy!
Photos Score: 46 View
Homeless pornstar!
Photos Score: 0 View
Jokes Score: 0 View
Jokes Score: 0 View
Body Piecring And Nipple Rings and Sheilds
Photos Score: 6 View
Are They Really Footballers?
Movies/Audio Score: 8 View
John West Advert
Movies/Audio Score: 0 View
A selection of cartoons!
Cartoons Score: 36 View
A funny cartoon!
Cartoons Score: 0 View
Shadows say more than words!
Cartoons Score: 18 View
Do you want a pay rise?
Cartoons Score: 6 View
This made me laugh!
Cartoons Score: 0 View
Twats I have known
SMS Score: 1 View
funny as fuck
Link / URL Score: 0 View
Men you'd love to date
Photos Score: 0 View
Belly Button Tattoos
Photos Score: 0 View
Is it cold out?
Photos Score: 0 View
Funny Emails
Funny Stories Score: 0 View
A Blue Movie
Movies/Audio Score: 10 View
Honest Adverts
Photos Score: 10 View
Dance Like A white Guy
Movies/Audio Score: 19 View
Tidy Up
Movies/Audio Score: 0 View
Xmas Cards
Photos Score: 12 View
Funny Presentations
Other - Word, PowerPoint, Flash Score: 10 View
IBM Helpdesk
Other - Word, PowerPoint, Flash Score: 6 View
Jacko Baby Drop Game
Other - Word, PowerPoint, Flash Score: 0 View
Silly Joke 2
Jokes Score: 30 View
SMS Score: 17 View
A Field of Dildos
SMS Score: 10 View

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