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GaySwap.com in the News

Some of our members have attracted the attention of the national press.  Check out what these members have been up to!

We have stopped updating this page due to requests from members wishing to keep their newsworthiness anonymous. GaySwap.com and it's members remain in the news all the time, to see some recent articles click here.

  Date Publication Summary
View 26/01/2009 News of the World
credit munch
Pick 'n' Tricks
Ex-woolies employee takes up escorting.
View 21/10/2007 The People
Sleaze give generously
Girl sells 140 an hour sex... with a cut for charity!
View images/newsarticles/Cosmo.gif 18/06/2007 Cosmopolitan
Anika May
Kama of Kingston
Students Who Sell Sex
Student debts are soaring, but how did it get so bad that some women will resort to selling their bodies for extra cash.
View Daily Star 20/03/2007 20/03/2007

Daily Star

Sex slave stripped blindfolded, tied to the bed and robbed
A businessman could not believe his luck when an internet seductress tied him naked to the bed until he heard her raiding his house.
View The News of the World 01/10/2006 01/10/2006 The News of the World Tart tangle cop in court
A cop ended up in court after unwittingly renting out a cottage to a hooker who used it as a brothel.
View The Sun 12/09/2006 12/09/2006 The Sun

Careers Advice
A kinky careers advisor has been sacked for dressing as a schoolgirl and staging raunchy internet sex shows.
View Sunday Mirror 27/08/2006 27/08/2006 The Sunday Mirror Stand at Sleaze
A soldier who claims he has guarded the Queen and met Prince Charles and Camila is earning extra on night manoeuvres selling sex as a 250 a time male escort.