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Credits Vouchers The ultimate gift, whatever the occasion!

Due to popular demand we're now allowing you to purchase GaySwap.com Credits that you can send to your friends, colleagues and anyone else with an email address!

How does it work?
You simply select the number of credits you would to send and enter the email address of the person you would like to send them to.

You can optionally set a date upon which the email will be sent.  This allows you to schedule the voucher to be delivered on a particular date, e.g. a birthday or anniversary.

When the recipient registers, (with the email address you supplied), they can redeem their voucher via the link on the Buy Credits Page.

Once redeemed the credits can be used to pay for: viewing movies, access to private galleries, webcam sessions, phone chat sessions, SMS chat message forwarding, featuring their profile, purchases from the GaySwap.com Mall and purchases of items being sold or auctioned in the For Sale Section.

Do not use vouchers to buy services from existing members, you have no guarantee the service will be provided.  If asked to do so, please let us know via the Authentic Member link at the bottom of their profile page.


Buy Voucher Price List
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Note: The credits awarded by redeemed vouchers can not be transferred. All voucher activity is monitored for fraud and 'credits laundering'. The supplied email address will not be used for any other purpose than to advise the recipient of your purchase.

Price List
Voucher Value SMS Text Messages Price
5 Credits 50 5.00
10 Credits 100 10.00
15 Credits 150 15.00
20 Credits 200 20.00
25 Credits 250 25.00
30 Credits 300 30.00
35 Credits 350 35.00
40 Credits 400 40.00