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Personal Banners Competition Top Prize 100 Credits!
April Competition Personal Banners

If you haven't tried the Personal Banners yet, now is your chance. We're looking for the most imaginative banners so let your creative juices flow!

The GaySwap.com Team will pick what they consider to be the top 3 most creative/imaginative banners. There will be a prizes of 100 credits, 50 credits and 25 credits. You can enter a maximum of 2 banners each.

Personal banners are part of a range of self-promotion ideas within the Business Builder part of the Site. To create your own personal banner click here.  Once you have created your banner, save it to your computer and then submit it as a picture like you would any other competition entry.

Here's an example of one such banner:



1st 100 credits
2nd 50 credits
3rd 25 credits
  1. The photo must be of yourself or feature you with others whom have given their permission to be pictured.
  2. All banners must be created using the GaySwap.com A maximum of 2 banners each may be submitted.
  3. Usual GaySwap.com Terms regarding subject matter, copyright and ownership apply.
  4. Closing date 30 April 2007.
  5. The Webmaster's decision is final.
  6. Prizes can only be used on the site and cannot be transferred.

If you have any ideas you would like us to consider for future photo competitions, please let us know here.